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News Bulletin December 16th 2016

Hello, and welcome to the Smooth Move Removals Blog. Here you will find lots of exciting articles like our "Removals Tip Of The Week" series, as well as other news, information and details about our upcoming jobs.

We will be regularly posting details of routes and journeys our vans will be traveling on, so if you need something moving, and we can tie it up with another job in the same area or not too far out of our way, get in touch for a fantastic deal on "backloads".

We also offer a waiting list database, so if you have something you want moved, but you can be flexible on collection and delivery times, we can add you to the list and get in touch with you when we have something happening in your area. This way we can keep the costs low for our customers and pass the savings on to you.

Next week, in the run up to Christmas, we are currently working in Norwich on December 19th 20th & 23rd, off to Haverhill in Suffolk on the 21st, and over in Gt. Yarmouth on the 22nd. So get in touch if we can help with something in those areas of Norfolk & Suffolk. ScheduleScheduleScheduleSchedule


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