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Moving Home Checklist

Here at Smooth Move Removals Norwich we understand how exciting and stressful moving home can be, and with lots on your mind and so many things to remember and do, it's easy to miss something out.


So we have compiled a checklist that will hopefully come in handy for you:

4 Weeks to moving day 
  • Arrange and confirm your moving date with Smooth Move Removals Norwich as far in advance as possible

  • Choose between our Norwich Man With a Van Service or Smooth Move Removals Norwich Service

  • Complete a change of address form with the Post Office

  • Notify schools, employers, churches and clubs of your impending move

  • Decide which items you wish to donate to charity

  • Make a list of fixtures you plan on leaving at your current property

  • Notfiy water, gas and electricty companies to have services turned off after you leave

  • Arrange for utility connections at your new home

3 Weeks to moving day
  • Collect packing materials from Smooth Move Removals Norwich

  • Start packing up all non essential items, or talk to us about our packing and packaging service

  • Sort out garage, shed and garden items

  • Don't forget about whats up in the loft

  • Organise suitable transport for pets and plants, or someone to take care of them on the day

  • Make a list of contact names and telephone numbers you will need in your new home until the internet is connected

  • Dispose of items you wont need in your new home

  • Return anything borrowed back to friends and family

  • Contact carpet cleaners and decorators if required

  • Notify doctors, dentists and opticians of your impending move

  • Start to run down the contents of your freezer and kitchen cupboards

  • Car Boot, Gumtree and Ebay off items you no longer require

  • Transfer insurance to cover fire, theft and personal propert at your new home

  • Make a floorplan sketch of your new property to decide the placement of your furnishings

Notification Checklist

A list of people and organisations you may need to contact about your move:


  • Family & Friends

  • Doctor

  • Dentist

  • Optician

  • Vet

  • School

  • Employer

  • House Insurance

  • Car Insurance

  • Other Insurance

  • Council Tax

  • Electricity Provider

  • Gas Provider

  • Water Provider

  • Bank

  • Building Society

  • Post Office

  • Telephone Provider

  • Internet Provider

  • Mobile Phone Provider

  • Library

  • Church

  • Clubs & Societies

  • Inland Revenue

  • DVLA

  • Motor Organisation

  • Milkman

  • News Agent/Magazine Subscriptions

  • Satalite/Cable TV Provider

  • Window Cleaner

  • Gardener


2 Weeks to moving day
  • Start dismantling self-assembly furniture, unless Smooth Move Removals Norwich have agreed to do this for you

  • Arrange for professional dissconection of kitchen appliances, including your washing machine, so the drum is secured

  • Arrange to have water, gas and electricity meters read

  • Discontinue regular services such as newspapers, window cleaners, gardeners etc.

  • Drain fuel from garden lawnmowers, strimmers etc. and disconnect gas bottles from barbeques and heaters

  • Dispose of flamable liquids, hazardous cleaning fluids, bleach and aerosols

  • Arrange for fitted carpets to be professionally loosened, if you intend to take them with you to your new home

  • Inform family and friends of your new address

  • Arrange to have satalite dish moved to your new property

  • If appropriate, arrange for your children to be looked after on the day you move

  • Dismantle sheds and green houses unless Smooth Move Removals Norwich have agreed to do this for you

  • Remove any fixtures and fittings you are taking with you

  • Fabrics that are being stored will benefit from anti-moth treatment

  • Start planning the access routes in and out of your new and old properties, for the removers to use, particularly in blocks of flats with lift access, security doors, private car parks etc.

1 Week to moving day
  • Notify banks and building societies of your impending move

  • Arrange to disconnect your telephone and internet, and establish a new service for both at your new home

  • Arrange for rugs and curtains to be cleaned

  • Find and label all your old keys

  • Pack boxes and dismantle furniture not being used

  • Label all your boxes, which room they come from, kitchen, lounge etc.

The day before you move
  • Have TV aerials and satalite dishes taken down if they are part of your move

  • Disconnect any light fittings you are taking to your new home

  • Tighten jars and seal all food packets

  • Defrost and clean your fridge freezer ready to go

  • Confirm your cooker, washing machine and dishwasher are disconnected

  • Take down pictures, mirrors, curtains and blinds

  • Prepare pets and plants for transit, confirm minders for children

  • Chests of drawers may be left full depending on the make of the furniture

  • Seperate "fragile" boxes from your collection and make Smooth Move Removals Norwich aware of them

  • Have door stops ready to hold open doors and gates

  • Set aside an area marked "do not move" for handbags, overnight bags, coats, kettle, snacks, medication, tools and cleaning equipment

  • Arrange seperate transportation for any dangerous substances

On moving day
  • Relax and let Smooth Move Removals Norwich do all the work

  • Make sure you have personally taken cash, jewellery and valuables to your new home yourself

  • Drain plants of excess water

  • If requested we will take up carpets, dismantle furniture etc. and re-position in your new home

  • If your items are going into storage, remember to keep important items like passports, driving license etc.

  • Before the removals van departs, confirm nothing has been left behind in error

  • Lock all windows and doors, turn off all lights and switches

  • Ensure that Smooth Move Removals Norwich, or our Norwich Man With A Van Service has the address details and directions to your new home and agree a time of arrival

  • Arrive at your new home, with the keys prior to your removal team

  • Label all rooms and direct the removals team to position your furniture and boxes

  • Put the kettle on!

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