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Removals Company vs Do it yourself

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So you sold your house...fantastic! Now its time to start thinking about moving to your new home. And whether to use a removals company or do it yourself

Moving home is probably one of the most stressful things we all have to do at some points in our lives. One of the biggest decisions associated with moving home is whether to use a professional removals company or to try and do it yourself.

Both options have their benefits and downsides, so careful consideration should be taken in making your decision. Ultimately you have to be sure everything will go smoothly on moving day logistically, whichever option you choose to go with. We wrote this article with that in mind, to point out some of the main things to consider when deciding whether to do it yourself or get a removal company in to help you.

Do it yourself

Depending on the size of property you own and the volume of items to be moved, doing it yourself can be physically tiring. If you have sold your house, you will likely need to have removed all your possessions by lunchtime on the day the sale completes. Ask yourself, is this something thats realistically achievable for you? Or should you get help?

You will probably need to purchase packing materials and boxes from somewhere to get everything ready for your house move. You may also need to consider hiring a van to transport your items. As well as thinking about how they will be moved safely, by either being dismantled or wrapped in some form of protection while they are on the van.

You may be able to get family and friends to help you out for free, or the cost of a pizza and a few beers that night. But, you need to make sure they can absolutely be around when you need them to be.

Doing it yourself is undoubtedly the cheaper option of the two. However, once you consider all the work involved and individual costs for everything, how much are you actually saving yourself?

Removals Company

When you use a professional removals service, yes you will be paying extra for that service, just like any other paid service. But you will get so much more for that extra money. Almost all the thing you needed to worry about when doing the removal yourself get taken care of for you, included in the price.

Your removal company do this on a daily basis. So they are very accustomed to short time frames and the need to have your sold property completely emptied by lunchtime on the day of completion. This will all be included in your removals quotation.

They will take care of dismantling and re-building any larger items of furniture that should require it for you, like wardrobes beds and dining tables. They should also be able to either supply you with all your packing requirements and boxes or even provide you with a full packing service the day before you are due to move house.

Your removal company should arrive fully prepared for the job in hand. Their trucks and vans kitted out for the task with all the necessary equipment. Sack barrows, lifting equipment, tie-ups, blankets, floor protection, toolkits and vans lined with rails will assist in moving all your items of furniture safely without breakages.

A removal company should also have carried out a full survey of your property prior to moving day. This way, when they do arrive, they ensure they have the correct amount of porters drivers and helpers to complete the move within the time frame specified.

When you first get your removal company quotations, they may start off sounding expensive if you have never used this service before. But, once you actually take the time to work out what you are paying for, with all the additional benefits over doing it yourself, and taking into account how less stressful it is using a professional removal company, actually the price difference isn't usually that much in the end.


So whether you choose to do it yourself or use a removal company, make sure you pick the right choice, for the right reasons. Saving a few pounds in the short term could end up costing you greatly in the long term. Most of us only do it a few times over the course of our lives. It's a big thing to deal with moving home, and should not be taken likely.

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