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Why people need storage in thier lives

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When I started working in the storage industry nearly 15 years ago, I had no idea at the scope and potential that storage offered so many of our customers on so many levels. Nowadays, nothing seems to surprise me when a customer starts a conversation with " This may seem like a strange question, but can I store..."

For the majority of us, storage is not something we want, but something that we end up needing at some point due to circumstances in our lives outside of our control. More often than not, it's a house sale and purchase that the dates don't quite tie up perfectly on or a new relationship or separation that leads to dividing ones personal belongings between two people. Maybe its a birth or death in the family, one creates a need to clear a property of furniture and the other comes with so much more, that you can very quickly feel overwhelmed and short of space at home.

But beyond these reasons, people find many many others. Preparing to sell your house and want to make it look pretty and bigger to prospective buyers? put some unnecessary items in storage. Run a business and need somewhere to keep all your stock? storage centres have the answer. Moving abroad and renting your property out? container storage is ideal for up to 6 months. Got a hobby or collection that is outgrowing the space at home? guess what, storage is the answer.

Over the years, I have seen some wonderful uses for storage. Some of the best and strangest uses included things like storing a Dalek from televisions Doctor Who, a storage room filled top to bottom with just lego, a place for one guy to practice his drums without annoying the neighbours, shipping containers filled with rubber sandals and ladies underwear, you name it, its been stored somewhere for one reason or another.

Depending on the type of storage you use, how much space you need, and how long you need it for, you can expect to pay anywhere from £50-500 a month, and the cost varies regionally as well as locally. At the cheaper end of the market you can expect smaller spaces or outdoor containers, or if you prefer to look at the higher end of the market, you can rent pretty much rent whatever you want from some of the bigger self-storage companies across the country.

It still surprises me when people ask what they can and cant put in storage. The easy answer is nothing illegal or hazardous, nothing explosive or highly flammable, and no livestock. Beyond that, it's up to you. All storage companies have a duty of care to inform you of their terms and conditions before you start storing with them, and they will usually need some ID on file, or proof of address, and then walk you through the process.

So, the requirements for storage and more space in peoples lives continue to come up, for varied reasons, some obvious and others not so much. But the answers to peoples storage needs are easily available and can be tailored to match any budget or circumstance. What is it that lead you to search for storage? Leave us a comment down below...

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