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The difference between “removals", and "a man with a van”.

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When the time comes to move house, you may need some assistance in one form or another, from professional removers or a man with a van. But what is the difference between the two? And which one should you pick? This blog post is designed to help you answer these questions and others you may have about your house move.

"Professional removals" and "a man with van" options have many similarities, but they also have many differences as well. Each option is suited to a different type of house move, depending on the size, logistics and requirements of the house move itself. Don't get caught short and choose the wrong option, take some time to consider the particulars of your own moving requirements before making your final choice.

Sold your house?

In the UK currently, when you sell your property, on the day of the sale completion, your solicitor should advise you that your old property will need to be completely emptied of your possessions by around lunchtime on the day. Failing to do so causes havoc with house chains and other removers and vendors alike within the chain itself. So ask yourself, is that something that a man with a van can realistically achieve, or should you be getting in a professional removal company with the correct manpower, equipment, size of van, and experience for the job? If you do not meet your obligations regarding the sale completion, you are liable to be charged by your buyers for any additional expenses they incur from their removers, due to your failure to have your old house emptied by the agreed time.

Renting a house?

Are you moving from a rental property? Do you have more flexibility with regards to dates and times you have to ensure your old house is completely emptied by? In these circumstances, a man with a van can be a very suitable option. It is often far cheaper to hire a man with a van instead of a removals team, this is one of the main reasons that a man with a van option can seem so appealing to many. If you have the option to make return trips to your old property throughout the day, or the volume of goods to be moved is able to fit on one van load, then a man with a van service, or two men with a van, can be a suitable choice for your move.

What's the difference?

The main differences between a professional removals team and a man with a van really boils down to the service you will receive. A professional removals team should be using removals equipment and blankets to move and protect your possessions while they are moving them, while a man with a van may have some blankets and equipment, don’t be surprised if all you get is actually just a man with a van. The professional movers should be able to dismantle an re-build any furniture that requires doing so, while a man with a van may or may not offer this option as part of their service. Insurance cover provided by a removals company may differ greatly from that of a man with a van service and is always worth checking in to prior to the house move.


The best thing to do when deciding between the two options is to make your choice carefully, consider both options and the services you require for your house move and do your research by speaking with the companies and asking how they will facilitate your move. A property survey is not out of the question either, see if they will come out and view your property and your possessions before the moving day, make an inventory of your furniture and discuss the move in more detail with you so there are no crossed wires on the day of your move.

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