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Removals Tips & Advice

Handy Removals hints, tips, hacks and tricks we have picked up along the way to share with you:

Over the years here at Smooth Move Removals Norwich we have completed many many Norwich Removals and Norwich Man With a Van jobs, and gathered tons of experience and tips that can make moving home that little bit easier. Some is just common sense, but it's surprising how often the little things get overlooked:


  • Use good quality moving boxes and packing materials

  • Don't overfill or underfill your boxes

  • Mark your boxes clearly, "Fragile, Heavy, Kitchen, Bedroom" etc

  • Make lists as you go

  • Set aside and identify an area for items you want to keep or move yourself

  • Move all cash, jewellery and valuables yourself

  • Keep medication and important documents safe and close by

  • Don't pack the kettle until last

  • Make sure you have parking space and easy access on the day for removals vans at each property, inform neighbours if required

  • Try and keep doorways, stair cases and access points clear

  • Having doorstops ready is always handy

  • Beware of newsprint, when packing china etc. remember it will rub off

  • When packing food, ensure lids are tight and packets well sealed

  • Defrost the freezer at least 24 hours before the move

  • Take care with light items and soft furnishings as heavier items or sharp corners on top will cause damage

  • Always do one final check of the property yourself before leaving

  • Have your post redirected to the new property

  • Turn everything off and check everything is locked before you leave

  • Read all utility meters at old and new homes

  • Set aside snacks, and arrange your evening meal in advance for your 1st night at your new home

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