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Moving Season

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Moving season is upon us again. Typically at this time of year, we are busier than any other, helping our customers with house moves through the summer months. Our peak time of year for removals in Norwich generally tends to start around mid-May and goes right through June July and August, to around mid-September before things start to ease off again. In that period we will help more people move home locally in East Anglia, and nationwide throughout the UK than at any other time of the year.

So that means we can't advise you highly enough, to book your movers in advance! Give us as much notice as possible, or we will be fully booked when you come to move house. The more notice you can give us the better, and the more chance there will be that we will have the dates you want for your moving day available. Don't leave it last minute! Don't leave it until the week before! Or even 2 weeks before! Get in touch to arrange your moving date at least 3-4 weeks ahead at this time of year, because YES we really are that busy, and NO we can't squeeze it in between other jobs because you are not moving very far, or you don't have much furniture to move!

But why are you so busy? I hear you ask. Well, that is for a combination of reasons. The summer months are perfect for moving house in the UK, better weather and longer days make the whole process a lot less stressful than moving home on cold wet winter days where the sun disappears by 4 pm in the afternoon. The school holidays play a big part in it also, as parents want to cause the least amount of disruption to their children's school lives, so moving houses between July and August makes a vast amount of sense to a huge amount of families buying and selling homes in the UK. Ask your estate agents and they will tell you the same thing, peak time to move to a new home is through tech summer months.

People tend to have more free time in the summer months. With more Bank Holiday weekends, and annual leave is taken over this period than any other time of year, it makes sense that if you are moving house this year, summer is the season to do it. That extra day on the Bank Holiday weekend to settle in and get the boxes unpacked, or those few days holiday booked off work to be around to advise your removers on what room you want what furniture in, it just makes for a busy period for house removals all round.

So please, give us a call or send us a message, for all your home moving requirements. Do it NOW, don't leave it too late. Even if you are still waiting on an exact date for your move, we understand, it's tricky dealing with Estate Agents, Landlords, Solicitors, House Chains etc. We know, we speak to customers every day in the same situation as you, and we have years of experience in dealing with these problems, so we know how to work around them whenever we can.

Give us a try, you'll be moved by our service.

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