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Removals Tip Of The Week: #4 Moving Day Survival Kit

Moving day has arrived at last. Everything should be packed and ready to go, right? Not quite everything. Those all important, last things to pack, should be ready to grab at a moments notice... Kettle Tea & Coffee Milk & Sugar Mugs & Plates Cutlery Bottled Water Loaf of Bread Important Documents Medication Pen & Paper Toilet Roll Bed Linen So as soon as you arrive in your new home, you have them ready and waiting. ScheduleScheduleScheduleSchedule

Removals Tip Of The Week: #3 Door Stops

There is nothing more frustrating when you are carrying large heavy items, than trying to open a door with your foot, or trying to balance what you are carrying while flailing around with one arm to get the front door open. You could of course, put said heavy item down, open the door, pick the item up again an carry on...or you could use decent sturdy door stops that will keep the door open even if it's a windy day. You'd be amazed at the time and aggravation it saves. ScheduleScheduleScheduleSchedule

Removals Tip Of The Week: #2 Legs & Feet

When moving larger bulky items like this sofa, arm chairs or dining tables, always check first to see if you can remove the legs or feet. It takes a few extra minutes, but it's well worth the extra effort, as you will be amazed how often you can catch them on paintwork or door and window frames if they are left on. Usually it's as simple as a few screws, bolts or allen keys, which any decent tool kit should have. If not, a trip to your local pound shop will suffice, and you'll be good to go. We keep a good basic tool kit on all our vans to ensure we are ready to deal with any legs & feet on the furniture we move for our customers. ScheduleScheduleScheduleScheduleScheduleSchedule

Removals Tip Of The Week: Tie Ups

It's the little things that make the difference on a removal job. Simply by tying up doors and drawers on larger furniture items, you can avoid any knocks, scratches or damage to your possessions while they are being moved. That way, they won't swing open or slide out when you are half away down the stairs. We use professional webbing tie ups on our customers furniture. They're strong, sturdy and won't scratch any wood surfaces or paintwork.ScheduleScheduleScheduleSchedule

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